Klar vs. Tracify

The main difference between Klar and Tracify is the tracking attribution and accuracy. Further, Tracify has no tracking restrictions (like iOS updates, consents, or ad blockers) while being 100% GDPR-compliant.

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6 reasons to choose Tracify

AI behavior-based attribution

At Tracify we have built a superior attribution model that analyzes each individual customer journey and weight the touchpoints based on the user's behavior. The AI perfectly understands how much value the touchpoint has generated and attributes it accordingly.

This is backed by hundreds of million in advertising spend each month.

No tracking limitations

Tracking restrictions such as iOS 14.5, cookie consent or ad blockers are powerless against Tracify. It combines the most advanced tracking technologies with a powerful AI that learns every second of the day.

Stay GDPR-compliant

Tracify implements rigorous anonymization on all ingested customer data, before it is stored in our data services.

In this way, Tracify ensures GDPR compliance without the user's consent, unlike Klar, which requires precisely this consent according to European lawyers.

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iOS 14.5, Ad Blocker and cookies that make tracking for Meta, Google and TikTok virtually impossible.
Viewing all data in full in various dashboards, directly in the Ads Manager and in real time.
Each channel and Google Analytics looks at itself in isolation and optimizes for last click.
Considering multichannel touchpoints and better evaluate the various channels.
Inaccurate tracking tools that are a bit better than Meta, but still lead to wrong decisions.
Making the right decisions again with the most accurate tracking & attribution tool.

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