AI-Tracking to scale your business to the next level

Our patent-pending AI technology lets you track every customer interaction on your website without invading their privacy. Cross-device, cross-domain, cross-session - no cookies required. iOS14 does not affect our tracking at all. Made and hosted 100% in Germany.

Trusted by 250+ Stores around the Globe

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Tracify Dashboard

Customer Journey Mapping

With Tracify, you can connect the events of every touchpoint on your website to understand how you are generating your sales.

We let results speak

What our customers say about our AI Tracking Solution

Paul Franzreb Paul Valentine x Tracify
Paul Franzreb
CEO - Paul Valentine
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"We have been using Tracify for several weeks now. At first, I was more than skeptical because there are just many in the market that claim to solve the tracking problems. We had also been using the tool "Hyros" for several months - unfortunately without success. Why we tried Tracify anyway: The technological approach - no cookies, no modeling, and all that GDPR-compliant. Too good to be true. My conclusion after numerous weeks of Tracify: We finally have all the data in Ads Manager in real-time again. This is extremely helpful for my team and me regarding ad targeting. Without Tracify - only with the numbers that Facebook gives us or UTM tags - we would make many wrong expensive decisions and not exploit potentials."

Alexander Pelz Rosental x Tracify
Alexander Pelz
CEO - Rosental
Tracify x Rosental Logo

"Initially, we thought our UTM structure and Data Studio dashboards solved the tracking and attribution problem in the best possible way. Now we know: We thought wrong! What Tracify can do is really a game-changer. We can see exactly what works and what does not work. In addition, we can optimally evaluate our results with the different attribution settings to achieve a whole new decision quality. The added value this creates for daily budget allocation in Ads Manager, testing of creatives, and the strategic alignment of the channel is significant."

Niklas Birg x Tracify
Niklas Birg
Lead Media Buyer - Schema M
Schema-M x Tracify

"I used to sit in front of the Ads Manager all day and get upset about Facebook's high tracking discrepancy. Google Analytics, modelings, Data Studios and other tracking and attribution tools were only of limited help. Frustrations due to unreliable data were the daily routine. Today, I turn on Tracify, see all the data reliably in Ads Manager, and know I can make the right testing and scaling decisions. This not only makes my job easier but also ensures better customer results."

Tung Do x Tracify
Tung Do
CEO - Wldoho
WLDOHO x Tracify

"Because of the Facebook tracking issues, we couldn't say in confidence what we were scaling, what creatives we were scaling. Since we started using Tracify, everything is much more structured, much more controlled, much more measurable. Scaling sheets have become a part of the past. We can now efficiently invest our budget in campaigns without wasting scatter. Getting 10% better every day adds up at the end of the month, I can recommend Tracify."

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Setup Process

Set up Tracify in less than one hour and get all your Meta data directly in your Ads Manager.

Install two codes on your website and track every user with our patent-pending technology.
Step 2
Set up
Set up our chrome extension and see every conversion in your Ad Manager again.
Step 3
Now you got all conversions back again into your Ads Manager and you can finally start allocating your budget as efficiently as possible.

Integrations that further improve your data

Tracify integrates with various marketing platforms to bring all your data together in one place and give you complete transparency.

The team behind Tracify

Marius Rudolf CEO Tracify

Marius Rudolf


Marc Weindinger CMO Tracify

Marc Weindinger


Markus Rohm CTO Tracify

Markus Rohm


Moritz Schneider CCO Tracify

Moritz Schneider


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