AI-Tracking to scale your business to the next level

Our patent-pending AI technology lets you track every customer interaction on your website without invading their privacy. Cross-device, cross-domain, cross-session - no cookies required. iOS14 does not affect our tracking at all. Made and hosted 100% in Germany.

Trusted by 500+ Stores around the Globe

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Customer Journey Mapping

With Tracify, you can connect the events of every touchpoint on your website to understand how you are generating your sales.

We let results speak

What our customers say about our AI Tracking Solution

Paul Valentine x Tracify

"Thanks to Tracify, we have been able to significantly increase the efficiency of our Facebook budget, which has a direct business impact."

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Paul Franzreb
CEO Paul Valentine
Rosental Organics x Tracify

"The data quality of Tracify is a real gamechanger. Not to be compared to Google Analytics or Facebook."

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Alex Pelz
CEO Rosental Organics
Wldoho x Tracify

"Since we started using Tracify, I have the confidence that I am making our budget decisions correctly."

WLDOHO x Tracify
Tung Do
CEO Wldoho
Tracify x Womiva GIF

"In our search for the right tracking solution, we tried a few tools and got stuck with Tracify."

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Felix Kleine
Founder Womiva
Schema M x Tracify GIF

"With Tracify we had an uplift of 30% ad spend with the clients in the first two weeks because we just knew right away these are the ads that are performing well."

Schema M x Tracify Logo
Niklas Birg
Lead Media Buyer Schema M
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"Tracify gave us the opportunity to not cut high-performance ads faster which of course also results in a performance uptick."

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Casimir Rob
Founder Every.
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"I would recommend Tracify to all brands running Facebook or Instagram Ads.
At the latest when the ad budgets go towards four figures per day, then you can't work without Tracify."

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Lars Schwab
Founder Agentur Zeitgeist
Tracify x Maniko GIF

"My recommendation for anyone working with Facebook who has a significant ad spend is to use Tracify to track your ad spend."

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Georg Blümer
Nico Frank GIF

"The connection between, for example, influencer marketing and Facebook has never existed before. Tracify's multichannel tool is a lot of fun and indispensable for D2C brands to get an understanding of these connections."

Nico Frank Logo
Nico Frank
Founder Entire Ecommerce GmbH
Zoe Lu Gif

"We can value the Meta channel much better again and have more confidence to scale there because Tracify is providing us with the right data again."

Zoe Lu Logo
Patrick Conrad
CEO Zoé Lu
Gif Sushi Bikes

"Today, we've more than doubled our budget, all based entirely on Tracify data."

Tracify x Sushi Bikes
Andy Weinzierl
CEO Sushi Bikes

Setup Process

Set up Tracify in less than one hour and get all your Meta data directly in your Ads Manager.

Install two codes on your website and track every user with our patent-pending technology.
Step 2
Set up
Set up our chrome extension and see every conversion in your Ad Manager again.
Step 3
Now you got all conversions back again into your Ads Manager and you can finally start allocating your budget as efficiently as possible.

Integrations that further improve your data

Tracify integrates with various marketing platforms to bring all your data together in one place and give you complete transparency.


Paid Media

Facebook integrations enable you to see your accurate tracking data back in your Ads Manager.

Google Ads

Paid Media

Take your Google Ads to the next level by including data from your Tracify integration.



Do more with Klaviyo and your email marketing campaigns with customer data from Tracify.


Paid Media

Pinterest is a visual discovery engine for finding ideas like recipes, home and style inspiration, and more.



Integrate with your Shopify store to track data throughout the full purchase process.


Paid Media

Take TikTok user engagement to the next level with user specific data though Tracify.

The team behind Tracify

Tracify Founders
Marius Rudolf CEO Tracify

Marius Rudolf


Marc Weindinger CMO Tracify

Marc Weindinger


Markus Rohm CTO Tracify

Markus Rohm


Bjorn Heesakkers

Bjorn Heesakkers


Moritz Schneider CCO Tracify

Moritz Schneider


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Tracify Team Members