AI-Tracing to scale your business to the next level

Our fingerprinting technology lets you track every customer interaction. Cross-device, cross-domain - no cookies needed. Made and hosted 100% in Germany.

Trusted by 15+ teams around the globe

Customer Journey Mapping

With Tracify, you can connect the events of every touchpoint on your website to understand how you are generating your sales.

Feature Set

We are steadily growing our feature set to give you the best experience with your data to boost your sales.

AI Attribution

The days of tracking problems are over. Our AI brings back all of your lost data. No restriction due to cookies or new privacy software. Accurately assess your results again.

Grow Your Business

Real-time allocation of purchases enables you to distribute your marketing budget towards the right channels and assets. Scale your business data-driven again!

User Journey

With Tracify, you can map every user interaction along the customer journey. Understand purchase decisions thoroughly and optimize your entire funnel accordingly.

Chrome Plugin

Through the plugin, you can transfer all information directly in the Facebook and Google interface to work with your familiar tools. We also provide additional access for your marketing managers.


To enhance your decision-making and provide better reporting, we have developed a matchless dashboard. It gives you a perfect overview of all your online marketing activities and the performance of your shop.


We offer an extensive network of integrations, so you only have one trustworthy source for your data. You can import all your other metrics into your Tracify dashboard.

Integrations that further improve your data

Tracify integrates with various marketing platforms to bring all your data together in one place and give you complete transparency.