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„Tracify helps to de-code big tech giants attributed conversions incrementality, to paint a real picture of where you should be putting your marketing dollar."

Christopher Day
CM0 Nordgreen

„The agencies we work with use

Tracify and are thrilled. Especially

because they get a better overview

in the Multichannel View ! "

Manuel Meier

„Better controlling through Tracify's

multichannel marketing insights has

put us back on track!"

Jan Sapper
CEO Paperlike

„Since we started using Tracify, I have the confidence that I am making our budget decisions correctly.“

Tung Do
CEO Wldoho
Tung Do x Tracify

„With Tracify we can identify the winning ads & double down on them. For us, a must-have for brands we work with!"

Lars Schwab
CEO Zeitgeist

„Anyone working without Tracify going forward will have a very hard time making the right decisions for their business. Only the brands who measure correctly will survive."

Noël Beck
Head of eCom Zahnheld