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Our software is exclusively-engineered to be the best and most accurate solution for your individual tracking needs. To ensure the best possible fit, we offer a risk-free demo session with our consultants to develop a personalized strategy.

Our software is exclusive, engineered to be the best and most accurate solution for your individual tracking needs. To ensure the best possible fit, we offer a risk-free demo session with our consultants to develop a personalized strategy and a fixed, agreed-upon price, to avoid any cost surprises.

E-Commerce only


You are running an agency that has e-commerce clients.

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Why do we require demos?

When you sign up, you're connected with a personal representative and receive a setup tailored just for you. It's important to ensure your tech tools seamlessly integrate while being matched with an expert who understands your specific business model.
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„Tracify helps to de-code big tech giants attributed conversions incrementality, to paint a real picture of where you should be putting your marketing dollar."

Christopher Day
CM0 Nordgreen

„The agencies we work with use

Tracify and are thrilled. Especially

because they get a better overview

in the Multichannel View ! "

Manuel Meier

„Better controlling through Tracify's

multichannel marketing insights has

put us back on track!"

Jan Sapper
CEO Paperlike

„Since we started using Tracify, I have the confidence that I am making our budget decisions correctly.“

Tung Do
CEO Wldoho
Tung Do x Tracify

„With Tracify we can identify the winning ads & double down on them. For us, a must-have for brands we work with!"

Niklas Birg
CEO Zeitgeist

„Anyone working without Tracify going forward will have a very hard time making the right decisions for their business. Only the brands who measure correctly will survive."

Noël Beck
Head of eCom Zahnheld


Is there a risk-free trial? 


Yes, we have a trial period of 30 days. During this time you can convince yourself that Tracify provides the value you are looking for. More information about the trial period in your demo call.

Is Tracify GDPR-compliant? 


Yes, Tracify is GDPR-compliant. Data privacy is an important but also very complex topic. To cut a long story short: We anoymise all collected data and host them on servers in Germany.

Why do pro marketers use this tracking/attribution tool? 


Traffic platforms aren't truthful about their tracking to appear more attractive to advertisers. That is why experienced marketers use Tracify to optimize their budget efficiently and avoid being misled.

Whats the difference between Tracify and other tracking tools? 


We track more accurately than any other tool on the market. You can track cross-device, cross-domain, cross-session - while combining multiple channels! Fully GDPR compliant.

Moreover, you can see how your customers behave between different channels and where your money is best spent.

There is a reason why many of the most aspiring e-commerce brands in Europe are working with us. We challenge you to test it out yourself!

Can Tracify over-attribute? 


No, we can not over-attribute because we only look at real data and do not model any conversions. Additionally we have over 50.000 functions in our code to ensure no over-attribution.

Do I need a specific tech-stack and do I need technical experience? 


Our software integrates with the following systems: 

✅ Shopify / Shopify (Plus)
✅ WooCommerce
✅ Shopware 5/6
✅ Magento v2 / Adobe Commerce
✅ Digistore24
✅ Elopage

Currently, we are integrating other shop systems, and we will offer solutions for custom systems soon.
There is no technical experience required to set-up Tracify. We provide you step-by-step video and text instructions for implementation. Furthermore, our support team will answer all of your questions and supports you hands on.

Do you offer app tracking and lead tracking? 


No, we are solely focused on e-commerce right now.