How Zahnheld scaled comfortable to multiple 6 figures in ad spend!


their ad spend


understanding of the customer journey


to multiple 6 figures in ad spend

Anyone working without Tracify will have a very hard time making the right decisions for their business. Only the brands who measure correctly will survive.

Noël Beck
Head of eCommerce Zahnheld


With Zahnheld, brushing your teeth is no longer a chore, but a real experience that you will look forward to every morning and every evening. More than 50,000 customers are proof of this.


“Before we used Tracify it was very difficult to see which creatives are really performing well. Especially, the (most of the time) delayed data by Meta made it very hard to quickly optimize our ads when running higher daily ad spends.” - Noël Beck (Head of eCom)


  • Relied on Meta's attribution, resulting in lost time and revenue due to scaling the wrong ads.
  • Had to guess best performer ads and couldn’t compare the performance with longer sales cycles than 7 days.
  • Couldn’t optimize with confidence on days when higher daily spend was needed (like Black Friday).


We implemented Tracify as the source of truth for real-time and multichannel analysis. Since implementation, all clicks have been tracked by our patent-pending tracking technology. We also added multichannel analysis, which Zahnheld uses to better understand different parts of the customer journey.


  • Trusting the best performers that Tracify identified had a positive impact on the revenue.
  • Spending more than 10.000€/day comfortably thanks to real-time data.
  • Able to see longer attribution cycles than 7 days.
  • Overall faster iterations & scaling.


Comparing longer sales cycles

The ability to compare longer sales cycles became key for Zahnheld to better understand the customer buying process. This led to more advertising spend being put into Meta. 

Social ads helped Amazon

Amazon sales jumped after Zahnheld gained more exposure in its target market by scaling social media ads (e.g., on Meta).

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