How Vitamoment scaled to 4.000€ per day in ad spend


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Really good tool to get not only trustworthy data but also a deeper understanding of your customer journey. Using your ad spend much more efficiently.

Robert Schäfer
CEO VitaMoment


With a dedicated team of more than 20 employees, Vitamoment addresses nutritional deficiencies by offering a select range of supplements designed for people aged 40+, primarily women. Through Vitamoment's online platform, they have received more than 35,000 verified customer reviews, reflecting their commitment to providing quality products to support optimal health and vitality.


Almost no verifiable data from sources like Outbrain, Taboola or Meta resulting in inaccurate tracking. Moreover, Google Analytics fell short in capturing all conversion events.

Which led to an incomplete understanding of the full customer journey, not knowing the key touchpoints that drive initial contact and facilitate sales.


  • Problems with scaling and optimizing native ads.
  • Low ad spend overall.
  • Longer iteration cycles & burning money on low impact funnel assets.
  • Focused solely on last-click attribution, overlooking first-click profitability.


We implemented Tracify as the source of truth for real-time and multichannel analysis. Since implementation, all clicks have been tracked by our patent-pending tracking technology. While also using the browser extension to work with real time data within the advertising platforms directly.


  • Verifiable and reliable data for optimizing.
  • Overall performance increased by 20%-30%.
  • Ad spend increased by 400% on Native platform.
  • Better insights directly into the ads managers resulting in faster work.


Using different attribution models

The ability to compare different attribution models and windows, based on more precise data, has significantly increased Vitamoment's advertising effectiveness.

Faster & better decisions

The analysis of Meta ads has become much easier and faster thanks to the Chrome extension and now includes various evaluations of the user journey so that Vitamoment can make better decisions.

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