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If you want to scale your business without relying on your gut feeling, but on true data, Tracify is the only way to go!

Björn Sperling
CEO Sperling Bags


Sperling Bags designs and produces sustainable bags, backpacks, and accessories crafted from natural or recycled fabrics, prioritizing the avoidance of animal suffering. More than 3,800 positive reviews from satisfied customers are proof of their mission.


  • Didn’t trust the data in their Meta account anymore
  • Had no possibility to differentiate between “First Click”, “Last Click” or “Linear” conversion
  • Without trust in the data, they could neither analyze nor understand the customer journey


  • Never had the feeling of being clear about the impact that a certain channel has (like Meta)
  • The missing insights of First Click and Last Click conversions made scaling impossible, especially for longer customer journeys
  • Wasted many hours a week trying to get an overview of the data without coming to a final conclusion


We implemented Tracify as the source of truth for real-time and multichannel analysis.  Since implementation, all clicks have been tracked by our patent-pending tracking technology.

With all this data combined in dashboards, it is possible to better understand the customer journey. While also using the browser extension to work with real time data within the advertising platforms directly.

Why Tracify

"After comparing all possible solutions on the market, Tracify is the only way to go. Beside the software itself, we faced a really smooth onboarding that helped us to start as fast as possible." - said Björn (CEO of Sperling Bags)


  • Gained a holistic overview about how the individual channels interact with each other  
  • Real-time data optimized their possibilities of intraday scaling  
  • Better understanding which creatives support the customer journey positively  
  • Finding top performing creatives is much easier now


Trusting Tracify over Google

The Google Ads backend made them feel like they were already at the limit. However, in the Tracify dashboards, they saw that there was still a lot of room for scaling

Understanding customer journeys

With all the insights provided by Tracify, they now have a holistic overview of the customer journey, which they can further optimize.

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