How Paperlike increased their revenue profitably by more than 400.000€


more revenue


more sales overall


more revenue on Google Ads

Better controlling through Tracify's multichannel marketing insights has put us back on track!

Jan Sapper
CEO Paperlike

About Paperlike

Paperlike stands for paperless working and is revolutionizing the way people use their Apple Pencil. Since 2017, they have been selling iPad accessories and iPad protective films for creatives worldwide.

About Beilmann

Beilmann combines growth-oriented campaign management and efficient creative creation through strategic expertise in Google and YouTube Ads.


After the iOS14.5 update, the tracked performance of the Meta ads channel was not looking as promising anymore. The attribution problems led to uncertainty and unclear decision-making.


Due to a lack of data and information on the incrementality of campaigns, wrong decisions could have been made about marketing and business measures.

Channels that previously worked well deteriorated. No new channels were activated because the cost of entry was too high due to a lack of attribution. 

Paperlike would have had to revise its marketing strategy and focus less on paid media if ad account profitability could not be maintained.


We implemented Tracify as the source of truth for real-time and multichannel analysis. Since implementation, all clicks have been tracked by our patent-pending tracking technology. We also added our influencer marketing management and tracking tool, which is essential for further improving the multichannel marketing approach.


  • Able to see how each channel (Email, Meta, Google, Influencer, Organic & TikTok) are working together and better analyze their performance.
  • Optimize their ads based on intraday basis again.
  • Increased budget without negatively impacting the overall shop MER.


Utilizing Seasonality

Tracify enabled media buyers to react faster to seasonal events by leveraging real-time data across all channels. This led to scaling winning ads while turning off losing ads quickly.

17% Data Discrepancy

Beilmann found that Tracify's data (compared to actual store data) was more accurate, while Google Ads showed an incorrect -17% difference in ROAS.

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