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Throne is the leading gifting & commerce platform for creators on Twitch, YouTube, TikTok, Instagram & Co. Unlock a new, rapidly growing revenue stream for your brand. With over 125k+ creators and 100M+ fans, we are offering an innovative and truly authentic marketing and sales channel.

We are a US- and Berlin-based startup that wants to give creators, fans, and brands the chance to connect authentically.

How we work is pretty intuitive:

- We connect with your Ecommerce shop and sync products.

- Creators can add products to their wishlist and/or their storefront.

- Their fans then buy the products as a form of support.

- Orders come in like a normal store order, no extra work.

- The creator receives the gift and then posts about it on Twitter or unboxes on-stream.

- Alternatively, the fan receives exactly the item her favorite creator is using

- and you know which creators could be suitable for your next campaign.

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We help DTC brands scale quickly and sustainably through paid social and UGC.

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Performance marketing agency from Hamburg specializing in social media advertising for e-commerce. We scale e-commerce brands through data driven social ads.

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Schema M

Facebook Marketing Premium Partner. Our team of specialists helps eCommerce brands increase and scale the return on investment of social media ads.

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