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Stoyo is Europe's fastest growing Advertising Company (Financial Times) and global top tier partner of Meta. Thanks to working with some of the fastest growing DTCs, especially in the US market, for more than six years, we guarantee to beat our partners performance on paid social, scaling them beyond 7-digit revenue numbers per month.

We work on a #PayPerCustomer Model with most of our partners (monthly ad spend > 300k). There are no risks, retainers, nor commitments.

With all the companies that spend less or are not happy with their current performance, we create a profitable growth channel by leveraging our data-driven distribution strategies.

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Katharina Ilgner
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We help DTC brands scale quickly and sustainably through paid social and UGC.

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We are the leading gifting platform for creators on Twitch, TikTok & Co. Unlock a new, rapidly growing revenue stream.

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Empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to never settle, to dare to pursue new blue ocean opportunities, and to build impactful ventures that solve global challenges.

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