How WLDOHO scaled their ad spend to 45k per day!


ad spend per day


need for "scaling sheets" anymore


a lot of manual work each week

Since we started using Tracify, everything is much more organized and measurable. Scaling sheets are a thing of the past, because I have more confidence in Tracify to make our budget decisions correctly.

Tung Do


WLDOHO is focuses on getting rid of plastic in the bathroom by selling long-lasting razor planes. And with success, because within the first 2 years of its market launch, they have gained more than 100,000 customers and received more than 7,000 positive reviews to date.


“We managed a lot of advertising spend (up to 250.000€/month). But couldn’t really tell the profitable ads, especially on bad days, due to the heavy tracking problems.  On the other hand, we wanted to pinpoint our most profitable ads to scale safely, as we no longer trusted Facebook anymore.” - Tung Do (CEO)


We implemented Tracify as the source of truth for real-time and multichannel analysis. Since implementation, all clicks have been tracked by our patent-pending tracking technology. Adding our browser extension to work with real time data within the ad accounts directly helped to get a better overview & combine data points.


  • Real-time tracking became possible.
  • Faster testing and analysis than before, leading to more successful ad creative tests.
  • Understanding the multichannel marketing impact was a game changer.


Better multichannel approach

After analyzing the customer journey and the different touchpoints through the Tracify dashboard, it became much clearer how the different channels work together.

Huge time saver

The team no longer needed to compare their performances using multiple sheets and/or guess performances, which saved a lot of time.

Increased ad testing

WLDOHO was able to identify winning ads again, leading to more creative testing while significantly increasing their budget profitably.

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