How Sushi Bikes profitably doubled their budget based on Tracify data!


improved budget efficiency


their ad budget


daily ad spend

Today, we've more than doubled our budget, all based entirely on Tracify data.

Andy Weinzierl
CEO Sushi Bikes


SUSHI BIKES developed an e-bike that costs less than half of an average electric bike and impresses with the pure design of a single-speed bike, quality and lightness. Their goal is to make flexible, green urban mobility accessible to everyone.


  • No valid data inside the Ads Manager due to iOS 14.5.
  • Had difficulty tracking their ads due to high AOV and long sales cycle.
  • Testing creatives was nearly impossible with the attribution settings Meta provided.


After the release of iOS 14.5, Sushi Bikes struggled with performance and reduced the ad account due to unusable data within the ad platforms.


They implemented Tracify as the source of truth for real-time and multichannel analysis. Since implementation, all clicks have been tracked by our patent-pending tracking technology. Adding our browser extension to work with real time data within the ad accounts directly helped to get a better overview & combine data points.


  • Got all data back directly in the Ads Manager on all levels (campaigns, adsets, ads).
  • Possible to take an extended attribution window (of up to 90 days) into account.
  • Ability to track every user without any blocked tracking.


Holistic efficiency

All actions with Tracify combined have impacted their budget efficiency by about 20-30%.

Intraday scaling

Thanks to real-time data, they were able to scale campaigns on high-volume days by 47% with intraday optimization.

They also reached multiple 6-figure daily ad spend and could make faster decisions because they saw immediate results.

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