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"My recommendation for anyone working with Facebook who has a significant ad spend is to use Tracify to track your ad spend."

Georg Blümer
Georg Blümer

„The data quality of Tracify is a real game changer. Not to be compared to Google Analytics or Facebook.“

Alex Pelz
CEO Rosental Organics
Alexander Pelz Rosental x Tracify

„Since we started using Tracify, I have the confidence that I am making our budget decisions correctly.“

Tung Do
CEO Wldoho
Tung Do x Tracify

„Tracify is a mandatory software for all DTC brands that are serious about Facebook Ads.“

Nico Frank
CEO Entire E-Commerce
Nico Frank

„I can’t imagine my daily workflow when optimizing ad accounts without Tracify.“

Niklas Birg
Lead Media Buyer SCHEMA M
Niklas Birg x Tracify

"Anyone working without Tracify now or going forward will have a very hard time making the right decisions for their business. Only the brands who measure correctly will survive."

Noël Beck
Head of eCom Zahnheld