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„Thanks to Tracify, we have been able to significantly increase the efficiency of our Facebook budget, which has a direct business impact.“

Paul Franzreb
CEO Paul Valentine
Paul Franzreb Paul Valentine x Tracify

„The data quality of Tracify is a real game changer. Not to be compared to Google Analytics or Facebook.“

Alex Pelz
CEO Rosental Organics
Alexander Pelz Rosental x Tracify

„Since we started using Tracify, I have the confidence that I am making our budget decisions correctly.“

Tung Do
CEO Wldoho
Tung Do x Tracify

„Tracify is a mandatory software for all DTC brands that are serious about Facebook Ads.“

Nico Frank
CEO Entire E-Commerce
Nico Frank

„I can’t imagine my daily workflow when optimizing ad accounts without Tracify.“

Niklas Birg
Lead Media Buyer SCHEMA M
Niklas Birg x Tracify

„We can judge Meta as a channel a lot better now and also have significantly more confidence to spend more money to acquire new customers profitably.“

Patrik Conrad
CEO Zoé Lu
Zoe Lu x Tracify

Who gets access to my data? (ad account(s), shop system)

Responsible handling of customer data is a top priority at Tracify. For this reason, only our onboarding and customer success team can access your data to ensure that we can provide you with the best possible support. Other employees of Tracify or shareholders do not have access to your data. We are also happy to assure this contractually.