The End of the Cookie Era

The end of cookies and Tracify's solution. This way, you can move seamlessly into a cookie-free era.

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Web cookies have always been influential in achieving the goal of digital marketing and advertising revenue, as cookies support advertisers to reach and track their users. Typically a cookie is a snippet that gets integrated into users' browsers over a certain time.

The Cookies Effect

Cookies have changed how users communicate with web pages and how advertising networks target potential customers. They collect information from consented users as they interact with a web page. This information is being used for advertising. The problem is that users can deny consent and delete their cookies from web browsers. So there is no way to track them anymore.

Google Announced in 2020 the End of Cookies

Recently Google has been on high alert about privacy concerns and has made changes to limit the extent of the possible use of cookies. Google has also transparently provided information to users to better understand how they are tracked across websites through cookies.

But the most significant change is yet to come - Google announced on January 14th, 2020, to end all third-party cookies in their browser. It is expected to be fully acted on within three years after the announcement.

This decision and action will completely alter the online advertising ecosystem, which relies heavily on cookies to track and target advertising. As the Google Chrome and third-party ban approaches, ad companies and e-commerce websites begin to panic on how they will track user data without cookies. In total, this will end up decentralizing online advertising networks and ending the cookie era.


What will Replace Cookies?

Alternatives to cookies are already in development today. However, these are currently not common. It is unclear to what extent they can replace the existing cookies, and whether they are really implementable. So the question remains.

How to Transition Seamlessly into the Cookieless Era?

With Tracify, there is no need to panic or wonder what is coming next to transition smoothly into the cookieless era and change of the advertising ecosystem. You don't need cookies or consent - you can seamlessly move from the cookies era to the cookieless era by tracking and collecting user data on your website while respecting the user's privacy and privacy laws through Tracify's AI-Tracing and embedded user tracking.